An Imaginary Journey | Paris, France


Irakli Nasidze is a Georgian-born fashion designer who is currently based in Paris.  I’m glad that I had the opportunity to get to know him and his work.  To say that his creations are stunning is such an understatement.  Having seen and worked with some of the pieces from his Fall/Winter 2013 collection, I came to realize that he does not design merely for its commercial and functional value, he creates a work of art.

Englave: Describe your brand in 3 words
Irakli: Contemporary, spiritual, luxury

Englave: What unique characteristic do you incorporate in all your collections?
Irakli: Attitude, cut, fabric, and comfort

Englave: What is your creative process when coming up with a new collection?
Irakli: Staying face to face with my inspiration, this enables me to write the next page of IRAKLI’s story

Englave: How has your background as an artist influenced you as a fashion designer?
Irakli: Freedom of expression

Englave: What is your proudest moment, your biggest achievement?
Irakli: To be able to follow my dreams through my travels

Englave: Where do you get your inspiration?
Irakli: Inspiration is the sort of meditation which intertwines the unreal world with the real one

Englave: What is your biggest struggle and wish as an emerging designer?
Irakli: Knowing that consumerism has no notion of real luxury and value of creation.  Luxury is a state of mind.

Englave: What is next for your brand?
Irakli: To found a fashion school in my native Georgia.

Englave: Which designer do you admire most and why?
Alexander McQueen.  He was the unlimited source of creativity.  He left to the world an inestimable treasure of creation.

Englave: Where can we purchase your product?
Paris and online soon.

To connect with Irakli and learn more about his creations: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Photography: Jun Ying | Model: Kelsey Vicars | Makeup & Hair: Elie Sehwang Kim | Styling: Vibri Wulandari

This editorial is also featured on NICHE – a fashion and lifestyle magazine, on both print and online publication

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