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[SOCIAL MEDIA]Nowadays, designers seem to quickly adopt the idea of attaching the “affordable luxury” label to their brand.  What they don’t realize is that with “luxury” comes the responsibility of paying great attention to every little detail, something that only true luxurious brands understand.  I used to be an advocate of the statement ” There is no such thing as affordable luxury”, until I found Bonsavoir.  They are not only eye-candy to those who love sleek and elegant designs, but the quality of materials and, most of all, their craftsmanship is so out this world that  I decided to take back what I believed in before.  I guess there is such thing as “affordable luxury” and Bonsavoir is perhaps the true pioneer of the term.

Thibault Besson, the co-founder and co-owner of Bonsavoir, began working on the concept two years ago with his father.  They later launched the brand in March 2013.  The Englave team is very honored to be able to follow the progress and growth of the brand since its early stage, and looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Englave: Where are you based?
Thibault: We are based in Paris, France.

Englave: Describe your brand in 3 words
Thibault: timelessness, “French touch” and high quality craftsmanship.

Englave: What unique characteristic do you incorporate in all your collections?
Thibault: We don’t work with “seasonal collections” but more on a continuity. Our purpose is to create key-bags which will be recognized for their quality and details. The evolution resides mainly in the choice of colors and materials.

Englave: Does being located in Paris helps Bonsavoir in getting the access to high quality materials and craftsmanship?
Thibault: Of course, it is a great opportunity to have access to French knowhow! There is a strong culture of craftsmanship here in France, despite the globalization and the ratification of leather manufacturers.

Englave: What is your brand’s creative process when coming up with new collections?
Thibault: First of all, we listen to our customers’ reactions on the existing bags. What would they add to our bags? What type of models do they want and need? We think that bag is more than a fashion accessory, it’s a woman’s companion, which means that it has to be useful and aesthetic at the same time.

Then, when we design the models, we think about the way we could sublimate the details: our perpetual challenge is to differentiate ourselves while, at the same time, remaining simple with subtle particularities.

Englave: What is your proudest moment as the owner and founder of Bonsavoir?
Thibault: When we see our customers carrying our bags, feeling proud of their new acquisition!

Englave: Where do you (or your team) usually get inspirations?
Thibault: My father and I share a common passion: horse riding. The equestrian and leather worlds are strongly connected, which represents a great source of inspiration for us. On BONSAVOIR bags we can find subtle references to the equestrian universe: bridles, stirrup forms for buckles and buttons.

Englave: What is your biggest struggle and wish as the leader of an emerging brand?
Thibault: Our biggest challenge is to continuously communicate our brand image, quality and prestige to consumers.

Englave: What is next for Bonsavoir?
Thibault: New points of sale, new design, new ranges of products (for men, wallets and other small accessories) and new partnerships to promote the BONSAVOIR universe.

Englave: Which designer do you admire most and why?
Thibault: Muccia Prada’s vision is one of the most surprising ones in term of style and trend. Though she’s inspired by past decades, she remains a precursor in the fashion world. We also admire the way in which Hermès promotes the work of its craftsmen and preserves a particular link with arts.

Englave: Which designer do you wish to collaborate with the most?
Thibault: It would be a great pleasure to collaborate with brands who are well-known for their traditional core-business in arts and craft: silk fabrics, gloves, perfumes, etc.

Englave: Where can we purchase your product?
Thibault: If you are in France, you can find our products in some Luxury multi-brands Boutiques or can fix an appointment with our team for a very private presentation at your home (only on the Parisian region). Otherwise, you can buy our products via our e-boutique on

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To connect with Bonsavoir and learn more about her creations: Website | FacebookInstagram | Twitter

Photography: Jun Ying | Model: Kelsey Vicars | Makeup & Hair: Tarah Kostenko for MAC Cosmetics | Styling: Vibri Wulandari

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