1000 Roses | Paris, France



For the talented and ambitious Thibault Besson, heading the creative department of Bonsavoir is not enough.  His hands itch to work on anything that will challenge his creativity.  It turns out that when he’s not drawing sketches for Bonsavoir’s handbags collection, his friends would find him drowned in stacks of paper, making illustrations.

I came across his illustration by accident on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his work.  What caught my attention is the fact that he adds humor to all his illustrations, from the opera diva who bursts out laughing in a Parisian restaurant to the half-awake student applying make up in the subway.  It was all just a hobby until requests from his friends started pouring in.  They want his illustrations on t-shirts, bags, posters, panties, pouches.. you name it, and that was when he began to take his hobby seriously.  Together with his 3 friends: Bethsabée Remus, Victory Orset and Fayçal Bouhamidi, Thibault started Habile Buston to keep up with the demands for his adorable illustrations and products.

To celebrate this romantic day, Thibault drew a lovely 1000 roses for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you Thibault, and Happy Valentines Day all!

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