Playing with Art | Madrid, Spain

Photography: Cristina Peral


When designing a collection, many fashion designers find their inspiration in art.  Cristina Peral, an emerging designer from Madrid, thinks differently.  For her, designing a collection is creating a work of art: “They are both about making something that you want to hold onto for your entire life”, she says.  This philosophy is consistently apparent in all her work, whether it be visual artwork or reflected in a fashion collection.

I haven’t met Cristina in person, nor have I seen or touched her work, but when I went through her portfolio I couldn’t stop myself from returning again and again to my favourite pieces.  There is something about her pieces that is very addictive.  Perhaps it is her unique approach of experimenting with different media, or perhaps it is simply because her work evokes such strong emotion.  Whatever the reason, I am glad that the fashion community recognizes her talent greatly; she was recently selected as a finalist for the ‘Vogue Talents – Young Vision Accessory Award’.  With such deserved validation from the industry; watch out for Cristina Peral: she has staked her claim as someone to compete or collaborate with.

Congratulations Cristina!  We all wish you a successful career where you can always express yourself through your wonderful designs and artworks.

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