A Bride and Her Doll | London, UK and Vancouver, Canada


One found her love in recreating the past through bridal dresses, one loves to play with colorful gems and make delicate jewelry, and another one deeply understands how to make women feel glamorous through her couture millinery.  Three designers with different passions, but share the same vision: they want to make women to feel beautiful.

Pure Magnolia, Vancouver – Canada

Patty Nayel | englave.comPatty Nayel, the designer of Pure Magnolia, purposely chose a Magnolia flower to represent her brand because it is one of the oldest flowering trees in the world and a species that you can find on every continent.  “I wanted something from nature to represent the brand and I love how resilient and adaptable the Magnolia tree is.  Just what I want the brand to be,” Patty said.  As the go-to eco bridal designer in Vancouver, Patty is famous for her work in remaking vintage heirloom dresses current for the new generation.  I guess it’s something that you can expect from someone who cares so much about the story behind each dress.  Creating a new story for a vintage dress is not Patty’s only forte, she also designs original dresses which are often inspired by eras from the 20s to 70s.  Of course she never forgets to add a modern feel to each of her designs.

There has been a tremendous growth for Pure Magnolia over the past two years.  I remember walking into her tiny studio the first time I met with Patty two years ago. She now has a spacious studio, which has a beautiful boutique next to it to pamper her customers. Her journey has not been an easy one though; sourcing sustainable luxury fabric is her biggest challenge.  There are many sustainable sporty and ready-to-wear fabrics, but options are very limited for special occasion dresses.  But none of this has deterred Patty, not even for one bit.  She vows to carry on, and her values shines through her collections: simple, sustainable and one-of-a-kind.

You can purchase Pure Magnolia dresses at various retailers in Canada or online at www.puremagnolia.ca.  To connect with Pure Magnolia: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


Thirty Three Designs, Vancouver – Canada

Bride & Doll 25 | englave.comUpon first meeting Lan Kato  she struck me as someone who probably spends her days engrossed in books.  Little did I know that she has a passion for jewelry design and gets excited by colorful precious gems.

Heavily influenced by her Japanese background, she wants to make sure that her pieces are delicate, romantic, and will make a woman feel feminine and beautiful in a subtle way.  Lan isn’t kidding when she says “delicate,” each piece of her jewelry uses an array of tiny, tiny gems. These gems are so small that I wonder if Lan loses many of these gems when putting a piece together.  Amazingly, each piece has such gorgeous craftsmanship that you will have a hard time telling, as they all look effortlessly beautiful.

You can contact Lan Kato directly to purchase her jewelry.


Nina Rai, London – UK

Nina Rai | englave.comHer background is art, makeup artistry and styling but Nina Rai wasn’t content with only working in areas that she had been familiar with all her life.  She wanted to express and challenge herself further, and fell in love with millinery design.  “Millinery gives me freedom to be creative with many forms of art,” she said.  Seeing her collection, I can tell you with full confidence that millinery design is more than just a creative outlet for Nina.  It’s her way of making sure that women, no matter what style they may like will look beautiful in her pieces.  Perhaps it’s her art background combined with her styling experience that gives her the ability to create head pieces that scream: wear me!  You won’t care what you have in your closet, all you know is that you want to adorn your head with Nina’s designs.  You will begin your ensemble with Nina’s beautiful head pieces and style the rest of your look from there.

Nina’s biggest challenge is keeping up with her creative mind, she says that she has so many designs that she wants to show the world but realizes that she has to pace herself one season at a time.  Nina has a collection of couture hats called “The Black Collection” currently in the works.  Well, there’s one thing I know for sure, my team and I won’t be able to stop ourselves from featuring her Black Collection when it’s released.

You can purchase Nina’s creations at www.ninaraicouturehats.com, www.graysantique.com and www.kruszynska.com.  To connect with Nina Rai: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Photography: Jun Ying | Model: Lauren Rae Philpott, Kelsey Vicars | Makeup & Hair: Tarah Kostenko for MAC Cosmetics | Styling: Vibri Wulandari

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