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He is Gianluca Senese, a 24-year-old Milan-based photographer and blogger with a sharp eyes for detail.  When I first stumbled upon his blog: Nobody Knows Marc 3 years ago, Gianluca had just started his career in fashion as a street-style photographer.  It was around the same time that street-style photography was becoming a trend in the fashion world.  But Gianluca’s work is unlike any other street-style photographer, and that’s what made me instantly fall in love with his work.  For Gianluca, details is what matter most, as you can see in his photos.  They all scream details, details, and more details!

Luckily for him, good talent never goes unnoticed.  It didn’t take too long for the industry to start paying attention to  Gianluca’s work.  Within a short period of time, Gianluca went from showcasing his work on his blog to getting published at Vogue.it, Grazia.it, NSS, Refinery29, which was shortly followed by publications at H&M Life, Vogue Italia, Grazia magazine, and Lane Crawford to name a few.  I’m so proud to see his growth and can’t wait to see what the future may hold for him!

Englave: You are a fashion photographer, street-style photographer, and a blogger.  What other roles in the fashion industry do you secretly hold?
Gianluca: I am mainly a photographer.  I only blog to showcase my pictures and let them speak for my work.  I also consider myself as a coolhunter, something that I do while I shoot street-style.  Last but not least, I also do editorial styling and shoot.

Englave: What is your background?  How did you get started in the fashion industry?
Gianluca: It’s really simple I was a language student but during my studies I realized that I wanted to follow my passion for fashion, and that was how I began my path in fashion photography.  I started as a street-style photographer but have always tried to expose myself to other fields of photography as well, such as travel and fashion sets.

Englave: How have you been enjoying your career so far?  Do you think you will ever get bored with the fashion industry?
Gianluca: A big portion of my work happens during fashion weeks.  Although tiring, I find fashion weeks quite amusing.  So the answer is no, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with fashion.

Englave: What has the journey been like to get to where you are right now?
Gianluca: It has been very satisfying but I had to work hard and make many sacrifices before I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  It’s still an ongoing process, but I won’t stop working hard to achieve new goals.

Englave: What is the most challenging part about your job?
Gianluca: When I get sick during fashion weeks.

Englave: You moved to Milan not too long ago from Salerno?  Did it help boost your career?
Gianluca: Yes I did, and yes it did help my career tremendously.  Milan is a great city for fashion, it was definitely the right decision.

Englave: Do you work with many emerging fashion designers?
Gianluca: Yes I follow my taste and instinct, and often find unique concepts from emerging fashion designers.

Englave: Do you have certain criteria for a collaboration with emerging designers?
Gianluca: I don’t have any certain criteria for collaborations, I just have to be inspired by their work.

Englave: Are there any particular emerging designers whose work left a lasting impression to you?  In what way?
Gianluca: Recently I met the shoe designer of Giannico, he’s very young but very talented.  The shoes he designs are really feminine and original with art references.  I think every woman deserves a pair of Giannico.

Englave: Who do you think is the most iconic fashion photographer out there (past or present)?  Does his/her work have a big influence on your work?
Gianluca: I’d say Helmut Newton from the past, and Giampaolo Sgura and Mario Testino from the present.

Englave: Do you have any advice for those who are trying to break into the fashion industry especially designers?
Gianluca: The first rule is to follow your heart and never give up, then be humble and try to learn something from everyone you meet.

Nobody Knows Marc 07 | Englave.comPhotography: Gianluca Senese (Nobody Knows Marc)

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