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Jenevieve Lyons, the womenswear and menswear designer whose collection gloss this “End of Days” editorial has always been intrigued by odd-shaped objects (a dried sea sponge was her latest obsession that inspired the featured menswear above).  Lyons would collect the objects, and give them a new and more beautiful interpretation through her collections.  She is what we call the master in finding the beauty in ugly.

So, who is Jenevieve Lyons?

She is a talented emerging designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Upon graduating from Lisof with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, she launched her label in 2012, which was soon followed by a series of achievements.  In March 2013, she showcased her collection along with eleven other hand-picked young designers at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Johannesburg.  In that same year, she was selected as one of the top 8 finalist for the Elle Rising Star Design Award.  This year, she showcased her collections again at Mercedes Fashion Week in Johannesburg.

Luck itself wouldn’t have been able to bring Lyons to where she is right now.  It was hard work!  Having sharp eyes definitely helps.  Lyons sets herself apart by finding inspirations in places or objects that people would unlikely glance.  To add to that, her fascination with contrasting themes and unusual techniques seem to result in strong and edgy collections.

For the womenswear featured above, Lyons was inspired by the pages of the bible, monastic culture, and Catholic nun’s attire.  The inspiration was developed further by adding contrast that can be seen throughout the collection: long versus short, sheer versus solid, hard versus soft.  As for the final and unique touch, Lyons went to great length to create the fabric herself using an unusual technique.  She painted the fabric, cracked it after it dried, and finally cast it in a rubber to preserve the cracking mould.  Talking about setting herself apart!

When asked what inspired her to be a fashion designer, Lyons said that it was her love of transforming a concept into a tangible form, “I love sketching inspirations around me and take the challenge of transforming that idea into a wearable garment.”  And what gets her the most is when all the pieces start to make sense, “The part where a collection is fully sketched out is my favourite process, along with when the garments start taking a tangible form within the construction process.”

Lyons’ proudest moment came when the singer/songwriter, Lindiwe Suttle, wore her design during one of her performance.  Well Jenevieve, the Englave team believes that there will be may more proud moments to come!


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Photography: Robert Huynh | Model: Natalie Lunter (Charles Stuart International Models), Adam Chotemyenski (Luxe Models) | Makeup & Hair: Tarah Kostenko for MAC Cosmetics | Styling: Vibri Wulandari

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