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Sihan Guo grew up collecting little stones. She would play with them for hours, admiring the different colours, patterns, and shades of each stone. It was such a precious moment for her, lost in her own space, ignoring her surroundings. It is this fond childhood memory that inspired Guo’s debut capsule  collection for Spring/Summer 2016: Spatial.

Through Spatial, Guo wishes to relive that beautiful moment by purposely leaving blank spaces on each piece to reflect the time that she used to play with stones. She adds understated details, like pleats and top stitching, to achieve a perfectly balanced and zen collection. When the collection was nearly complete, Guo realized that life is never perfect. On the contrary, she feels that her life has always been chaotic, but it is up to her how she wants to live in the moment.Just like that, Guo decided to inject some chaos to her collection by hand-painting some of the pieces. Such is life!

Guo’s greatest passion is art and craftsmanship. She spends her time painting, sketching, and sewing beautiful dresses for her family and friends. Guo’s dream is to create a couture collection that is accessible to many women. She wants women to love her collection not just for its aesthetic but also for comfort. With this collection, Guo chose to work mostly with silk organza and silk lining as she wants to make sure that her pieces are light as a feather and soft as butter. Guo believes that a beautiful piece in itself is not enough, noting that “It is only when comfort and luxury are added to it that a woman’s confidence will shine through.”

Guo is currently readying herself and collection for the upcoming Vancouver Fashion Week.  Her show is scheduled for Wednesday September 30, 2015 at 06:30pm.  If you think you are the type of can appreciate craftsmanship, you cannot miss her show!  You can purchase the ticket at Vancouver Fashion Week site.


Englave | Sihan Guo 10To connect with Sihan Guo: Website | Instagram

Photography: Allison White | Model: Teigan Moore (Deja Vu Model Management) | Makeup & Hair: Vicky Lo for MAC Cosmetics | Styling: Vibri Wulandari

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