Our Story

We are a dynamic dream team who loves fashion and gives a damn about making the fashion industry a better place for new players

A Letter from Vibri Wulandari, the founder of Englave

Englave pledges to connect emerging designers with various important roles in the fashion industry, from bloggers to stylists to editors, and most importantly to buyers worldwide.  Our mission is to inspire buyers and trendsetters to explore diverse emerging talent through our unique way of showcasing their work and their brand.  We strive to level the playing field for new designers who don’t live in major fashion cities, who are not backed with large capital, and who don’t get the chance to befriend the who’s who in the fashion industry.

How did it all begin?  The idea of Englave came from my own personal experiences in the fashion industry.  Although I had heard that fashion was one of the toughest industries to enter, the actual experiences was even worse than what I had prepared for.  It was so tough that I often wished that I had parents as rich as Donald Trump so I could hire the best PR firm, fashion consultant, and showroom for my brand.  It also made me dream about living in Paris, Milan, New York or London, so I could have a better chance to be seen and recognized by the industry.

Those wishes and dreams led to many conversations with other emerging designers, which made me realize that I was not the only one with these frustrations.  There are many emerging designers out there who struggle to grow on an international level, who are dying to see their collection’s be displayed at Barneys New York, Net-a-Porter or any other notable retailer, but do not have the right tools and resources to do so.

Loaded with the frustration but equipped with the desire to help others, I decided to partner up with people who shared the same passion as I do to make a difference in the fashion industry.  Thus, Englave was born.

Englave is currently still a work in progress, but we can’t wait to start showcasing talent.  Here, we  feature not only the work of emerging designers, but also their story and their brand’s story.  Because as we all know, the story matters.  It is the story that connects us with a brand and its soul.

Designers, we hope you are delighted to be featured on Englave and enjoy learning from the experience of other designers.  Buyers and trendsetters, we hope through Englave you will discover many diamonds in the rough of talented emerging designers, so you can offer fresh ideas, unique products and content to your customers.

Thank you, and join us today so we can begin this journey together.



Vibri Wulandari & the Englave Team